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Photo: Erik Hattrem/Tmax100.com

Road engineering, hiking and city life

Go on a roadtrip on two National Tourist Routes, hike the fantastic Romsdalseggen ridge, or visit the coastal cities Molde and Kristiansund.



Trollstigen (The Troll’s road) is engineering on a high level. Each year, 130 000 vehicles venture through the eleven steep and sharp turns. When the Parliament decided to build the road in 1916, many thought the project was sheer madness. Read more.

The Atlantic Road has been ranked as the best road trip in the world by the British newspaper The Guardian, and is named “Norwegian construction of the century” by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). Read more.

Our coastal cities 

Kristiansund oozes of national fisheries and coastal history, and the neighbouring city Molde has a past of timber and clothing industry. In these coastal cities, history and the modern day live together in perfect harmony.

Molde is home to the football team Molde FK, who plays its home games at Aker Stadion. From the mountain Varden (407 metres above sea level), you can see Molde panorama with its 222 partially snow-clad peaks.


Kristiansund is famous for the ferry Sundbåten, that went on its inaugural voyage in 1876, three years before the first San Francisco cable car. Unlike the cable car, Sundbåten has been in continuous operation.