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The Atlantic Road takes you from lush coastal landscapes and heaths to bare rocks along the exposed Hustadvika, where you can see the sun sink into the horizon. This National Tourist Route has been called the world's best car journey and is voted the “Norwegian construction of the century”.

The Atlantic Road was completed in 1989 and cuts through the elements. During the construction of the road, the builders had to endure twelve hurricanes, and the landscape along the road has a raw beauty to it. Today, you can catch your own dinner with a fishing rod from one of the many bridges that are turning gracefully from island to island. While you fish, you can see where not too long ago large parts of the Norwegian fishing fleet risked their lives on a daily basis.


The elevated hiking path at Eldhusøya island 

Every single day, all year round, the suspended trail at Eldhusøya island is an experience – maybe even more so when the weather is raging. The café integrated in the rock on the island is open for visitors during the summer season.



Fiske fra bru på Atlanterhavsveien



This small, yet cool viewing platform located at the tip of the breakwater gives you a close encounter with the Atlantic Ocean. The untreated, rusty steel gives the viewpoint a distinct structure, and the green glass walls protect you from the spray from the Atlantic Ocean.



Askevågen utsiktspunkt
Askevågen utsiktspunkt.
Photo: Erik Hattrem/tmax100.com

Askevågen utsiktspunkt.
Photo: Erik Hattrem/tmax100.com



Three recommendations:

Ergan Coastal Fort (8)



Askevågen viewpoint (9)



Håholmen havstuer (4)



Ergan Coastal Fort is a German fort built during the second world war. It is now restored as a war memorial museum. The facilities include an operation room and a command centre built into the mountain. Here, you can study weapons, equipment and technical installations, as well as personal objects. The exhibition also touches upon local war history.

Håholmen Havstuer was originally a vigorous society based on trade, fishing and shipping. In the listed fishing village of Håholmen in Hustadvika, fishermen, sailors, shopkeepers and merchants met. Now you can travel in time and experience how it was in the old days





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