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Time for break, Romsdalseggen Time for break, Romsdalseggen Time for break, Romsdalseggen
Time for break, Romsdalseggen Time for break, Romsdalseggen
Time for break, Romsdalseggen.
Photo: Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB - Visitnorway.com

Visit on of the most stunning mountain areas of Norway

Up on the ridge you have a fantastic viewing arena with views over the Romsdal mountains, with the Trollveggen wall, Romsdalshorn and Vengetindene as the most distinctive peaks.

The breezy hike offers a panoramic view of some of the most impressive mountains at Vestlandet, and is included in The Norwegian Trekking Association’s list of the most popular mountain hikes in Norway.

The 10-kilometre long hike across the Romsdalseggen ridge is 1329 metres above sea level at its peak, but can be adapted to suit various abilities.


– The special thing about Romsdalseggen is that it offers views and experiences throughout the hike. You will not just be going from one point to another to experience something there. The experience and the wow sensation is with you the whole time, says Hilde Gråberg Bakke, Romsdal Reiseliv & Handel.

In just a few years, the hike has become an attraction and another feather in the cap for the tourism industry in Romsdal.

Foto Øystein Tveiten
Utsiktspunktet Rampestreken
Foto Matti Bernitz
Foto: Erik Hattrem
Hiking, Romsdalseggen
Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB - Visitnorway.com

Romsdalstrappa and Rampestreken viewpoint

Romsdalstrappa makes the popular hike even easier and more spectacular. Romsdalstrappa is a stair that forms a continuation of the Romsdalseggen ridge along the Nesaksla mountain. It is along this stair that you find the wonderful lookout point Rampestreken.

Rampestreken is a 20-metre long steel ramp – or photography ramp – of which 8 metres seem to hang in thin air.

At this point you are 565 metres above the alpine town Åndalsnes, which is just an hour’s drive from Molde. At the very tip of the ramp, only a grate supports the People who dare to walk to the edge. The view takes most people’s breath away.

– Butterflies in the stomach, mighty, breezy and amazing are some of the reactions from hikers who have stood at the edge of the ramp.

Viewpoint Romsdalstrappa, Andalsnes
Viewpoint Romsdalstrappa, Andalsnes.
Photo: Matti Bernitz/visitnorway.com

Viewpoint Romsdalstrappa, Andalsnes.
Photo: Matti Bernitz/visitnorway.com

Take precautions

The hike is 10 kilometers long, and the height difference is about 970 meter. It’s airy, but a breathtaking experience standing on top of the ridge. The path is well marked, and the surface is good.

Some parts of the hike is exposed, and it feels scary to some people. You don’t need climbing equipment, but there are chains bolted in the steepest parts for a better grip. People with a mild degree of fear of heights will, with a good companion to lean on, manage to get through the toughest part of the hike.

The hiking trip over Romsdalseggen is not for everybody! You should consider your own mountain hiking experience before you take the decision of hiking Romsdalseggen Ridge.

Children should be used to hike a longer distance in rough terrain. Romsdalseggen ridge hike is not suitable for pre-school children.

Wear proper clothing, good hiking shoes and bring warm clothes and plenty to eat and drink before embarking on this long hike.

Update yourself about the latest weatherforecast. In case of dense fog or low clouds, strong wind in combination with rain, low temperature, or if the weatherforecast says thunderstorms, choose another day for hiking Romsdalseggen.

Activities and attractions


  • By plane

    By plane

    The nearest airport is Molde Airport, located 1.5 hours from Åndalsnes. Daily flights to and from major cities in Norway.

  • By road

    By road

    You can drive to Åndalsnes via the E136 down Romsdalen valley, via E136 from Aalesund, Riksveg 64 from Molde.

    There are daily express buses to the area from Trondheim and Bergen.

  • By train

    By train

    There are daily train departures from Oslo (5.5 hours) and Trondheim (4-5 hours) to Åndalsnes.

Accommodation close to the Romsdalseggen Ridge


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