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Off-piste skiing and scenic trails

Røldal, located close to the Hardangerfjord region in South Western Norway, is known for receiving more snowfall than any other area in Norway. In summer, it's the perfect starting point for hiking and cycling trips.

Strap on your skis and feel as free as a bird! Røldal is considered one of the best places in Norway for off-piste and freeriding ...

... or hit the slopes at Røldal ski resort. With one of Norway's most stable snow and winter conditions, it is perfect for both beginners and experienced skiers.

With 12 slopes and a total length of 15 kilometres of trails, finding one suitable for you shouldn't be a problem.

Admire the staggering views of the valley and surrounding mountains while skiing down.

In summer, enjoy hiking in the stunning surroundings of Røldal, situated just outside Hardangervidda National ParkNorway's biggest national park.

The mountains surrounding Røldal offer almost endless possibilities for excellent hikes.

Røldal is more than just mighty nature in the mountains. Known for its excellent food and easy accessibility all year round, you are far from the first to be impressed by Røldalsterrassen.

The chefs use ingredients sourced locally from the Hardanger region. Stop by for gourmet food, stunning views, and comfortable accommodation.

Røldal stave church, built around 1200. is one of the oldest stave churches in Norway.

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Powder and pristine nature

You are almost certain to find deep snow in the winter in Røldal, as well as some of Norway’s best off-piste skiing in steep and rocky terrain. But you don’t have to be an expert or an adventurous skier to enjoy Røldal. The season for cross-country skiing is equally long.

The chairlift takes guests 1,000 metres above sea level. Up here, with breathtaking views of the valley and steep mountains, you'll find a café, a slope for beginners, and a great area for picnics and playing in the snow.

Røldal is equally beautiful in the summer. Located at the foot of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, Røldal is a perfect starting point for countless hiking and cycling trips in scenic nature.

Røldal stave church, centrally located in Røldal, wasone of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Norway in the Middle Ages.

There are several options for getting to Røldal. Find more inspiration on Røldal’s official website (in Norwegian only).

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