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Guided overnight tour to Trolltunga - Trolltunga Adventures


Experience the Trolltunga at sunset and sunrise – join this fantastic overnight tour offered by Trolltunga Adventures and their professional guides. All necessary equipment and main meals are included.

On this trip, you can experience the Trolltunga at sunset and sunrise - at a time when only a few others are at the famous rock formation. The guided hike includes an overnight stay in a camp near the Trolltunga, at 1200 meters. Trolltunga Adventures provide all necessary equipment and main meals, so you only need to bring warm clothing, a backpack, and snacks.  

The hike is a two-day hike, costs 3950 NOK per person, and includes: 

The hike starts at 11:30 in Skjeggedal and follows the main hiking trail to Trolltunga. On the way, you will have a well-deserved lunch break with a fantastic view over Lake Ringedalsvatnet. Trolltunga Adventures has prepared a traditional Norwegian lunch package for you. The total duration of the hike today depends on the pace, but you will arrive at Trolltunga at around 5 p.m.

Here you can relax and enjoy the view while Trolltunga Adventures prepares your meal. After dinner, you can end the day with a cozy campfire. Before you slip into your sleeping bag, you may also take a cold, refreshing evening swim in a mountain lake.

The following day you will be woken up early, with a prepared breakfast ready. Then, before hiking back to Skjeggedal, you can enjoy the sunrise and the unique morning light from the Trolltunga. You will be back in Skjeggedal between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., depending on the weather conditions and pace. 

This trip is suitable for people with mountain hiking experience. However, due to the overnight stay, this tour is a lot easier than a day tour to Trolltunga. Maximum of 12 participants.

From Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, and Haugesund, Odda is easily accessible by public transport.

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS


Guided overnight tour to Trolltunga - Trolltunga Adventures


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