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Kvanndalsstølen - through lush valleys to the summer pasture farm

Starting point

About the trail
Walk north at Kvanndalsvegen from the quay passing private houses to reach the trail. Follow the marked trail to Kvanndalsstølen (also marked Lussand). After a while there is a bridge crossing the river. The trail is partly narrow and steep and may be slippery when wet. Sturdy hiking boots are required. In the old days, this trail was used to take the livestock (cows, sheep and horses) to the summer pastures at Kvanndalsstølen. Today still sheep are grazing every summer at Kvanndalsstølen.

Parking: Kvanndal quay
Parking fee: free
Length: 4 km (one way)
Total ascent: 560 meters
Total walking time: 2 hours (one way)
Season (average year): June - September

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS



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