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Måbø museum - Måbøberget - Fossatromma - Måbø museum

3 hours round trip on the 1300 steps on one of the ancient paths from Eidfjord and up on the Hardangervidda.

The hike starts at Måbø museum, where you park your car. You pass the museum, continue further into the valley and cross the river on a bridge. From here begins the zigzag climb up approx. 1300 well preserved steps towards the top. Continue on towards Fossatromma and return the same route back.

This hike is possible from the end of June until autumn. We recommend taking something to drink on the hike up the Måbøberget.

For description an map see

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS


Måbø museum - Måbøberget - Fossatromma - Måbø museum

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