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River Valley in Lofthus

River Valley: Dramartic nature easily accessible.

Start: This trail can be combined with other trails, but description here is from the bridge about 1 km from the youth hostel (see Fruit Trail).

End: Round trip, about 3.5 km

Parking: by the football field close to the youth hostel, or by the kinder garden.

Public transport: Bus from Odda, Eidfjord, Geilo, Voss stops by the supermarket in Lofthus. Expressboat "Hardangerfjord Sightseeing" stops by the supermarket in Lofthus (bus connection to/from Bergen and Norheimsund). Distance from supermarket to the bridge is about 2 km.

Grading: Easy

Length: about 3.5 km round

Hight difference: 100 metres

Time: 1-2 hours round

Advice: Partly steep dirt road, but accessible with montain bikes, unless it is wet and muddy. Do not go to close to the river, stay on the road.

Season: When the snow has melted, April/March-October/November

Description: Start by the bridge, walk up the dirt road on the south side of the river. The first kilometre is steep. Then the road evens and goes through some farm land with beautiful view to the bottom of the valley and two waterfalls. Before leaving the farm land there is a a rock with ancient pagan holes drilled into it on the left. A board with information tells about it. About 2 km from the start there is a bridge over the river at the bottom of the valley. The view to two waterfalls is very good from here. Retun by walking down to start on the other side of the river.

Or start the walk by going up un the north side and return on the south side of the river.

Variation: This trip can be combined with other trails, like the Fruit Trail, or Hovden Round Trail. Fruit Trail and River Valley Trail are together about 3 hours round trip, Hovden Round and River Valley are together about 3-5 hrs. round trip.

Last updated: 10/20/2022

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS

River Valley in Lofthus

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