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Bike along the route Jærruta


Jærruta is a refreshing and contrasting adventure on the edge of Norway. Set off on an electric bike with good friends along the beautiful Jæren beaches in magical light with compelling experiences on all sides.

Are you ready for an active and relaxing holiday in Jæren? With the wind in your hair and power in your pedals, you can cycle miles and miles on cosy roads and enjoy everything Jæren has to offer. Jærruta is 140 kilometres long and stretches between Stavanger International Airport, Sola, in the north and the port of Egersund in the south.

Visit everything from beaches to street art

Jærruta runs through Norway's farming land, and you'll find several farm shops and eateries that base their menus on local produce. Along the way, you can stay in everything from hotels and small guesthouses to lighthouses, treetop cabins and campsites. Much of the route runs along the beaches and the coastline with this exceptional light that has inspired artists and poets alike. The route takes you to the famous street artwork by Erling Braut Haaland in the town of Bryne, the well-known art and culture centre, Hå gamle prestegard, and several of the facilities of Jærmuseet.

Culture and nature up close

From your bike seat, you'll get close to the culture of Jæren and the wild North Sea. Here you could potentially experience four seasons on the same trip, so it's important to be prepared for changing weather.

You don't need to be specially trained to travel on two wheels in the flat landscape of Jæren. The great thing about this cycling tour is that you can decide exactly how long each stage should be and how often you want to stop along the way. It's possible to cycle the entire route in one day, but it's common to divide it into stages or just do parts of the trip. You can also book complete packages with food, accommodation and bike hire. The e-bike is then charged and ready to go wherever you want, so you don't have to worry about anything other than recharging your own batteries by having fun.

A trip with friends or romance for two

Jærruta gives you the opportunity to enjoy the edge of Norway on an e-bike. Savour local delicacies and stay overnight in lighthouses, treetop cabins or hotels. Cosy up with good friends or go on a romantic trip. Book a complete package with food, accommodation and bike hire. Click here for more information about Jærruta by electric bike.

Source: Region Stavanger


Bike along the route Jærruta


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