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Welcome to Flekkefjordbanen and our rail biking trips! This is a perfect activity, whether you are visiting with your family, a group of friends, or are ready for a teambuilding day with your colleagues.

The rail bikes are custom-made and specifically designed for comfortable and safe cycling on railway tracks. Each bike has room for two people cycling, as well as one adult passenger or two children. The bikes are versatile, practical, and flexible, and can easily take wheelchairs and child seats.

The trip starts at Flekkefjord railway station. You will experience breathtaking sceneries and 17 tunnels on your journey. The railway was handmade and is considered a masterpiece in stone. The distance from Flekkefjord railway station to Bakkekleivi, which is the end station, is 17 km. It takes about 1,5 hours to ride one way, and normally visitors spend 3,5 hours on a roundtrip. You have 4 hours to complete the trip.

Useful information:

Headlights can be rented. However, if you have a strong headlight, bring it along!

Bring warm clothing. The tunnels are often cold!

Remember to keep your distance and ride slowly!

Be on time. We prefer that our guests meet up 30 minutes ahead of their tour.


Source: Region Stavanger




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