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Månafossen and Friluftsgården Mån

It's a short hike to the waterfall Månafossen, however, the hike demands some sweat. Nonetheless, it's worth the effort. You'll have a grand experience when you come up and see the waterfall rushing through the narrow gorge and into the river almost 100 meters down.

Månafossen waterfall is one of the region's biggest tourist attractions. Månafossen is located in the Frafjordheiane landscape conservation area, which covers an area of ​​more than 400 km2. Månafossen plunges into the river Frafjordelva, which is one of the two large waterways in the landscape conservation area. The Frafjord waterway was protected in the early 1990s.

The tour starts from the car park at Eikeskog and the path goes up to Månafossen and further inland to Mån and Fidjadalen valley. The first part of the path up to Månafossen is short and well organised. It is partly steep and rough. In the first 100 meters of the path, there are stone steps. Furthermore, in the steepest places, stairs and chains have been set up to hold on to. In rainy weather, parts of the path can be slippery, and it is important to have good footwear.

As the trail is a little steep, it takes longer to walk the short walk from the parking lot than you think. But it is still a family-friendly trip. A couple of viewpoints have been created for the waterfall near the path. Here you can both see and hear Månafossen, which has a free fall of 92 metres. It is a powerful sight!

However, the journey should not end here. You can manage a little more climbing, and after just half an hour more of hiking, the landscape opens up: You are suddenly at farm Mån where Jæren Friluftsråd has restored the old mountain farm. Right up until 1915, people lived here at the gateway to Fidjadalen. ​​​​If you have a day or two at your disposal, there are nice tent sites on the grassy areas down towards the river. It is also possible to spend the night at Friluftsgarden Mån, but then you must book the accommodation first.

If you have a fishing rod with you, there is a good chance of catching a mountain trout on the hook.

Månafossen: 1-hour round trip.

Friluftsgarden Mon (Mon: 2 round trips)

The property at Mån (approx. 8,000 acres) is owned by the Jæren Friluftsråd. The farmhouse here has been restored and a new building has been erected on the barn grounds. In the new building, there are beds for around 30 people. In the basement, there is an exhibition telling the story of the mountain farm, the Frafjordheiene landscape conservation area and the opportunities for outdoor activities in the area. For a longer trip: The trail continues into Fidjadalen to STF's cabin Blåfjellenden (6 hours).

Last updated: 09/19/2023

Source: Region Stavanger

Månafossen and Friluftsgården Mån

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