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Magma UNESCO Global Geopark

In the far south of Rogaland you will find an area with such a unique geology that we have been recognised by UNESCO. Here you walk on the same rock as on the moon; Anorthosite. Astronauts and scientists from NASA have even visited the area to prepare for taking rock samples on the moon!

Magma Geopark is a geographical area with a geology that has great international significance, recognized by UNESCO and where sustainable development plays an important role. Magma Geopark extends over five municipalities: Eigersund, Sokndal, Lund, Bjerkreim and Flekkefjord.

The Geopark is in a network of 140 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 40 different countries on five continents. Even though the basis for a geopark is geology, it is the people who are in the center and who actually is the geopark!

Magma Geopark has 46 localities that have been selected due to their completely unique geology and / or cultural heritage. You can visit all these locations on your own. If you want to get more out of the tours, Magma Geopark offers guiding with certified guides throughout the geopark. You can then, for example, experience:

· Exclusive access to mines

· Discover hidden natural treasures

· Climb Migaren Via Ferrata

· City walk

· Experience Magma Geopark by bike, GEObike-trip and get the good stories about how the landscape has been shaped and how people have used the area since the Stone Age.

We have an office in Egersund, one hour from Stavanger by train. Visit us or read more about experiences in Magma Geopark on our website!

Source: Region Stavanger


Magma UNESCO Global Geopark

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