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Rogaland Arboretum

The arboretum is a large collection of both common and unusual bushes and trees from all over the world, and the whole area covers an area of 173 acres.

Rogaland Arboretum is a lush park area with more than 1400 different trees and bushes from a number of countries. With its 173 acres, this is Norway's largest arboretum and a place where all age groups can explore nature. Rogaland Arboretum has 15 km of hiking trails and hiking trails. What is an arboretum? An arboretum is a collection of trees and shrubs. The word comes from the Latin arbor which means wood. The purpose of an arboretum is to collect and try out shrubs and trees from all over the world that can be grown in a local climate. Rogaland Arboretum was established in 1972 by Rogaland county and the municipalities of Gjesdal, Hå, Kleppe, Randaberg, Sandnes, Sola, Stavanger and Time, on the initiative of Bjørn A. Stangebye. Some species have arboretum larger collections of, such as: - roe and asal (Sorbus) - yew (Taxus) - salary (Acer) - syrin (Syringa) - rhododendron (cultivars) Your responsibility when visiting Grilling and bonfires are not allowed in the arboretum and dogs must be on a leash all year round.

Source: Region Stavanger


Rogaland Arboretum

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