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The Jæren beaches - protected landscape area & Hope Spot

Jærstrendene (the beaches of Jæren) stretches from Tungenes in the north to Sirevåg in the south with a total length of 70 kilometres. You'll find a mixture of sand beaches, pebble beaches and a moraine coast.

Explore Norway's longest sand beaches along the coastline of Jæren, and be amazed at the raw forces of nature defining the area. In both good weather and bad weather, the experience will be rewarding (dress accordingly). Experience the sky, sea, waves, and animal and plant life in fine-tuned interaction.

Landscape conservation area

The beaches of Jæren are part of a landscape conservation area, and parts of the beaches are also protected in terms of plant and birdlife. Four of the plants found in the area are endangered; marsh helleborine, saw-wort, northern marsh orchid and sea holly. All visits must occur on foot.

Hope Spot

The Jæren coast is moreover acknowledged as an international "Hope Spot" by the organisation Mission Blue. The coastline is defined as an area critical to the ocean's health - our earth's blue heart.

Visitor centres

Friluftshuset Orre is one of three visitor centres about the wetlands of international importance (the Ramsar convention) as well as a stop along the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren. You will learn what there is to know about the area, as well as information on what outdoor activities you can do here.

Friluftsfyret Kvassheim is both a visitor centre for the wetland area Jæren as well as a stop along the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren. The lighthouse, Kvassheim fyr, is located at the bay Kvassheimbukten, a bay of great importance to bird migration. Also protected under The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.

The following beaches are signposted

Ogna, Brusand, Nærland og Refsnes (Hå), Orre og Bore (Klepp), Hellestø, Byberg, Vigdel, Ølberg og Solastranden (Sola), Viste og Sande (Randaberg).

Getting to the beaches by public transport:

Train: Brusand strand: Train to Brusand station (about 45 minutes from Stavanger), follow the road 400 metres north on the underground footpath underneath the FV44, then continue 5 minutes on the footpath down to the sea.

Train to Ogna station: Ogna beach: Train to Ogna station, (50 minutes from Stavanger). Follow the foot and bike path 300 metres north along the FV44, and continue on the marked path down to the beach. About 15 minutes walk.

Bus: Viste: Viste beach: bus 8 from Stavanger to Viste Strandhotell.

Source: Region Stavanger


The Jæren beaches - protected landscape area & Hope Spot

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