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Tollboden in Stavanger

Tollboden (1905) is designed by the architect: Schak August Bull. It's one of the first buildings you are met with when arriving by boat or ship to Stavanger.

The customs building is a large waterside building situated at Skagenkaien in Stavanger harbour. This was a busy location at the beginning of the 20th century, with ships loading on and off cargo and goods from all over the world. This large complex was designed by the architect Bull in the "jugend style with medieval elements". The rustic ground floor in grey stone gives it a solid and robust expression, and supports the rest of the building in yellow ochre. Typical of the period is the large roof, covered in grey sheet stone that was much used in Norway in this period. Bull used maroon terracotta detailing around the windows, on the cornerstones and along the roof to underline the historical references. In large, gothic letters it announces "Toldbod", meaning customs building over the main entrance. The year of completion is also put on the façade, as well as the crest of King Haakon VII, the Norwegian monarch at the time. This beautiful building today cater to events, concerts and dining. Its location is still a welcome to ships visiting Stavanger from all over the world. The square and area by the building is much appreciated by visitors as well as the local citizens.

Last updated: 09/12/2023

Source: Region Stavanger

Tollboden in Stavanger

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