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Bomsholmen Log Driving Museum

Visit Bomsholmen - a log driving museum at the river Nidelva in Arendal

From the 1600s,log driving was an important activity in the Arendals watercourse. Timber was floated all the way from Vrådal in Telemark to the estuary at Arendal.

At the barrier at Asdal, just below Bomsholmen in Øyestad, all the timber that was floated on the river was stopped for sorting before it was passed on to the owners.

It was the Nidarå Fellesfløtningsforening  (Joint Floating Association) that owned the plant. When the timber hauling ceased in 1971, Øyestad Historielag acquired land, buildings and equipment that were used in the float for conservation purposes.

Today, the history team runs the Bomsholmen Museum in collaboration with Arendal Municipality and Aust-Agder Cultural History Center.

Only small remains are preserved of the barrier itself, but the museum tells the story of the log driving through preserved buildings, maps, objects, films, pictures and models.

One building is the Lønningenhuset, or Regnskapsbua as it was also called, a farmhouse from the 1850s used as an office.

Another is the Rope House, which was erected as a mount for the barrier, probably in the 1860s. The foundation is a lumbered timber chest filled with stone. Above this was erected a warehouse for ropes which was used to hold timber and boom, especially during flood times. Today it houses the museum's main exhibition.

A fourth house is a crew barracks that stood in Vrengen and is used as a meeting and school room.

The museum is located on the Nidelva River, on Røed in the old Øyestad municipality, between the Hammeren bridge and the E18 bridge. The museum has a nice pier, so please come in boat.

By car from Arendal: Vesterveien (Rv 420) towards Fevik, at Natvig turn off towards Asdal, follow signs.

Line 101 between Eydehavn and Grimstad to Natvig.

The museum is run by Øyestad Historielag with grants from the municipality of Arendal.

For groups outside business hours: by appointment - mobile +47 913 94 277 ore-mail

Last updated: 10/04/2023

Source: Arendal Turistkontor

Bomsholmen Log Driving Museum

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