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Workation at Sandøya in Tvedestrand

Taking the home office away for a few days gives both peace of mind and new impulses.

Made on Sandøya invites you to workation on Sandøya island outside Tvedestrand. This is a perfect opportunity for you who have created your own workplace.

At workation, it is of course the intention that you should have peace of mind to work concentrated on your own, but you will also meet others in the same situation as you. The organizers will arrange for some professional inspiration, if you want. Or maybe you would rather break up the work day with some fishing, kayaking, mushroom picking or maybe diving?

InniGranskogen is the "base" for the workation, with accommodation and workstations, but other places on the island will also be used.

Maybe you are a small business, department or project group that wants to go on workation? Get in touch and Made on Sandøya will make a plan for you.

Last updated: 01/09/2024

Source: Arendal Turistkontor

Workation at Sandøya in Tvedestrand

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