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Lista lighthouse Farsund Norway Lista lighthouse Farsund Norway
Lista lighthouse Farsund Norway.
Photo: Gunnar Larssen
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Enjoy the beaches and history in Lista

The Lista region has the most popular beaches in southern Norway. The beaches offer surfing and wind surfing opportunities, hiking, the Lista Lighthouse, recreation and sports. The landscape is both rugged and smooth with the most registered archaeological sites in Vest-Agder. The Nordberg Fort offers history along with the abandoned trenches and bunkers from the Second World War. The Flipside activity centre has one of Scandinavia’s largest indoor skate parks as well as paint balling and go karting.

In Lista, there is something for everyone.

Experience Lista Lighthouse

The Lista lighthouse is located by the rugged coastline in Lista Farsund. It towers 34 meters above sea level with panoramic views out to sea and inland. It was occupied by the Germans during World War 2 and so there are bunker networks in and around the lighthouse creating a great hiking environment.

The lighthouse is one of Lista’s largest attractions and is open all year round.  Visitors can experience art, culture, history and nature in perfect harmony.

It is possible to book guided tours of the lighthouse and local areas should this be desired. The lighthouse is located in Borhaug at the end of route 43 from Farsund.

Accommodation, two galleries and a kiosk are available for visitors.


The former lighthouse assistant’s residence is available for rent for those who want a unique Lighthouse experience. There are two apartments which are 90-100 square meters in size with three bedrooms that sleep seven people. Both apartments are fully equipped so that you can bring your own food to cook and both have very good heating for the winter months.

Guests will receive their own key to the lighthouse and have free access to the tower during their stay.

From the top of the lighthouse, the sunset views over the vast seas are a great way to spend an evening. Or additionally, the sunrises over the horizon are equally special.

Birdwatching Lista

The Lista Bird Observatory is located at the Lista lighthouse because the region is one of the main routes for Norway’s migratory birds. There are 360 different species registered during a year at the lighthouse.

The observatory operates with the monitoring of migratory birds, standardized ringing and research on birds' living conditions. There is often a lot of activity in this area during the spring and autumn moves. In the bird watching building at the front of the lighthouse, visitors can observe birds in all weather conditions and learn about their habits. There is an information poster inside the building with information on the different species.

Visitors can join in the ringing and bird watching with representatives from the Observatory. They can also assist with guided tours focusing on birds for groups, schools or kindergartens. There is also a dedicated bird and nature exhibition with photos, video and other interesting information.

Gallery Lista Lighthouse

The Galleri Lista is located at the entrance to the lighthouse area next to the lighthouse keeper's residence. Gallery Lista lighthouse offers Norwegian and international art at a high level, where established artists and beginners can apply for exhibition space.  The lighthouse residence is also used for art exhibitions, concerts and other national and international events.

There is a garden area around the lighthouse keeper's residence which is used for organized markets, concerts, outdoor church services, exhibitions, or small private functions. On those days where the strong winds come in from the ocean, the garden is a nice place to take shelter and enjoy some food from the visitor's centre or for visitors to enjoy their lunch.

Hiking in Lista

The flat landscape at Lista is perfect for hiking all year round. The coastal paths in Farsund are labelled from the Varnes lighthouse in the west to the pirate coastal village of Loshavn in the east. The Lista lighthouse is a stop on this trail where visitors can buy refreshments from the kiosk or enjoy the views from the lighthouse.

The coastal path takes you along the Lista beaches, the cultural landscape, the old church paths and farm roads, to pebble beaches, farmland, cultural and tight farmyards. These also include old abandoned bunker networks. They are literally everywhere. If you are interested in history from World War 2, then this is the perfect hike.

The trail will take 6 to 7 hours to complete, but it is also possible to take shorter stages for example:  Einarsnes- from Loshavn to Lomsesanden or Lista Lighthouse to Nordberg Fort.

Surfing in Lista

Farsund and Lista is surrounded by a long coastline. Just a short drive from Farsund is Havik beach which is a long sandy beach that is perfect for Stand Up Paddling, swimming, bathing or sun baking. On a windy day it is perfect for windsurfing and kiting as long as visitors stay away from the bird protected areas of Kviljoodden.

Slightly further out in Lista is a beach called Grettstø in Borshaug. This is the most popular spot for surfing and windsurfing with a right handed break over rocks. Surfers can walk out on the rocks most of the way before hopping in the water and paddling out to the waves. This beach is best suited for experienced surfers.

Some parts of the Lista beaches are bird and plant sanctuaries, so visitors must checks for signs and warnings. A map of the surfable beaches can be found here (link)

Lights at Lista

The sunsets and light reflections off the sea are very popular for visitors to Lista. As a result the local community built a little glass house that looks over the coastline which is called “Lyset på Lista”.

"Lyset på Lista" was created so that not only artists and photographers, but visitors could also enjoy this nature in a place that is sheltered from the coastal weather conditions. The building is made from glass and wood and designed in such a way that it causes no damage to the local environment. 

It is possible to sleep in the building as there is one bed which is solid wood so guests are encouraged to bring a mattress. There is also a handmade map of the local area and a guestbook where visitors can leave comments about their visit or stay.

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