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Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand
Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand
Color line ferry to Denmark from Kristiansand.
Photo: Anders Martinsen, Visit Sørlandet
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Getting to Southern Norway and around

Southern Norway (Sørlandet) is easy to reach, located at the southernmost tip of the Norwegian mainland.  Kristiansand is the communications centre in Southern Norway. It has extensive train, bus, ferry and plane links with the rest of Norway and abroad.

By air

Kristiansand Airport Kjevik is located 10 kilometers from Kristiansand city centre. You can arrive at Kjevik Airport by plane from major Norway cities. SASWiderøe and Norwegian have arrivals from Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

There are direct international arrivals from Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Gdansk. You will find four car rental firms based at Kristiansand Airport Kjevik.

By ferry

The coastal ferry routes to Southern Norway starts at Hirtshals in Denmark and ends in Kristiansand. The Color Line "Superspeed" ferry only takes three hours and 30 minutes. This route has two departures daily. In summer the Fjord Line ferry "Master Cat" takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. There are also several departures from Denmark to Langesund and Larvik.

By car

If you want to arrive to Southern Norway by car, the best option is to follow the E18 from Oslo, or E39 from Stavanger. You may also choose to follow the scenic old coastal roads if you have more time.

The table shows distances between destinations, whether you are coming from Oslo or Stavanger. You can see that it is not far between cities or towns in Southern Norway: from Flekkefjord to Risør is just a little over 200 kilometres.

By rail

Take the train following the coast, with numerous train stations to stop at along the way. For booking and timetables, please contact the Norwegian State Railways (NSB).

By bus

There are daily buses departing from Stavanger and Oslo heading for Southern Norway. The bus routes follow the coastline, where coastal towns are natural places to stop. There are also express buses heading towards Setesdal. Local buses between towns is available on akt.no and make it possible to use public transportation throughout your holiday.

From Oslo to:   Distance:  From Stavanger to:  Distance: 
Risør 234 km Risør 363 km
Tvedestrand 238 km Tvedestrand 340 km
Arendal  259 km Arendal  319 km
Grimstad 276 km Grimstad 300 km
Kristiansand 325 km Kristiansand 250 km
Mandal  367 km Mandal 208 km
Lyngdal 399 km Lyngdal 179 km
Farsund 415 km Farsund 190 km
Flekkefjord 446 km Flekkefjord 128 km
Sirdal 372 km Sirdal 122 km
Bortelid 368 km Bortelid 228 km
Hovden 286 km Hovden 225 km

Scenic routes in Southern Norway

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