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Cycling tour "Ebb & flow" 37 km

This is one of the five rides described in Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes, and starts by the tourist office in the heart of Grimstad town centre. Follow the pedestrian street to the top, and then continue along Storgaten. Cross the E18, and go straight ahead on route 404 towards Herefoss. After 850 m, turn right towards Fjære Church. Follow Fjæreveien for 4 km, and take the first right at the roundabout. After a few hundred metres, turn left and follow route 407 past the turn-off to Vik school. Continue on the foot and cycle path until you reach route 53 which runs parallel with route 407 along lake Temse. Stay on this road until you reach Lia, a small village, and then turn right towards Birketveit. When you meet route 420, turn left. Continue for just over 1 km, and then turn right towards Hasseltangen. Where Vessøyveien meets. Sømsveien, turn right towards Øvre Fevik. As you reach Feviktoppen, turn left and then left again towards Fevik Stadion (sports ground). From the sports ground and marina, follow the seafront promenade to Strand Hotel Fevik. Then continue on route 420 to Grimstad. After 3 km, turn left towards Vikkilen. At the bottom of the hill, turn left towards Rønnes. You will find the garden centre Hesnes Gartneri along the way – the ideal spot for a lunch or coffee break. Follow the tarmac road all the way to Rønnes, and enjoy the beautiful views across to Grimstad town centre. Continue on, and after a few hundred metres you will reach a narrow wooden bridge where you can cross over to Marivold Camping. Follow the road through the camp site, and then continue through the forest until you reach Hesnesveien. Turn right, and follow this back to route 420 where you turn left to return to Grimstad town centre.

Comments: Excellent combination of coastal and inland scenery. A ride where you get to sample the very best of Grimstad’s skerries, with numerous opportunities for a swim or a bite to eat along the way.


Don't forget that you can rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Office.

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor


Cycling tour "Ebb & flow" 37 km

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