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Cycling tour "The Farm" 51 km

With the tourist office as starting point, follow the pedestrian street to the top. Then continue along Storgaten. Cross the E18, and go straight ahead on route 404 towards Herefoss. After 12 km you will reach Skiftenes. Turn right towards Langemyr. This is an idyllic stretch, with several lakes offering excellent fishing opportunities along the way. After 6.6 km, the tarmac ends and a dirt road begins. As you reach Hørte, turn right. Continue on the dirt road down the steep hill and past several lakes. The route will take you past the farm Berli Gård from “Farmen”, a TV series shown on TV 2 in 2013. After the barrier, continue along the tractor track. By lake Hemningstveitvatn, the road turns south-east and the quality deteriorates. You may have to push your bicycle along as the path is very bumpy in places. This goes on for just over one kilometre, and then the road improves. Continue straight ahead, through the farmyard at Vigeland. Lake Vigelandsvannet will then be on your right hand side, and after a while you will reach Bjelland. Continue straight ahead. By lake Såbuvannet, the dirt road becomes tarmac. Continue along the same road. When you reach a bridge, cross the Nidelva river and follow signs for Bjorbekk. At the junction after Løddesøl farm, turn right towards Rykene. Rykene has two roundabouts – follow signs towards Arendal at both. As you reach route 407, follow signs towards Grimstad. After the bridge across river Nidelva, turn right towards Kroken and Nøgne Ø – Grimstad’s microbrewery, offering guided tours and beer tasting. Stay on this road for 8 km, and you will reach Fjære Church. At the junction, follow the signs for Bie and continue down the hill. After approx. 750 m, use the underpass to cross the E18. Turn right, and after a few hundred metres turn right again. Follow route 420 back to the town centre.

Comments: Beautiful ride along quiet roads, with excellent fishing opportunities. Challenging terrain from Berli farm to Vigeland.


Don't forget that you can rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Office.

Last updated: 04/03/2023

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor

Cycling tour "The Farm" 51 km

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