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Cycling tour "The Froland round" 46 km

Would you like to try out one of the most popular training routes used by the region’s racing cyclists? Are you ready for a high-pace ride with few climbs? This is a route that invites speed, and yet is packed with experiences and spectacular scenery. It is one of the five rides described in Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes, and has Grimstad Tourist Office, in the heart of Grimstad, as starting point. Follow route 420 towards Arendal, past the Vikkilen. As you reach the top of the hill, go through the underpass. Then follow route 407 past the entrance to Vik and Fjære skole. Continue along the foot and cycle path until you reach route 53 – a road running parallel with route 407 along lake Temse. Stay on this road through the small village of Lia, past the turn-off to Birketveit, and down the hill to route 407. Turn right, and follow the cycle path across the Stubru bridge. Use the underpass to cross the road, and continue on route 408 towards Blakstad. Before you reach Løddesøl, turn left towards Reiersøl. After the bridge, turn right and follow Reiersølveien all the way to route 42. Turn right, and continue down to the centre of Froland. This is great spot for a break – and maybe an ice cream or a coffee. Continue on route 42 across the Blakstadbroa bridge, and turn right towards Grimstad. This road runs parallel with river Nidelva and the railway track leading to Rise railway station. The station opened in 1907, and was an important hub connecting the Grimstad–Froland and Arendal–Åmli lines. Continue along this road until you reach the turn-off to Reiersøl. Then follow the same route back to Grimstad town centre.

Comments: Thor and Dag Otto’s timetrial training course is mostly flat.


Don't forget that you can rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Office.

Last updated: 02/21/2024

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor

Cycling tour "The Froland round" 46 km

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