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Cycling tour "The Syndle round" 47 km

With the tourist office as starting point, ride south-west along the quay. Continue past Odden Shopping Centre, and follow Bark Silas vei until you reach a roundabout. Continue along route 420. After approx. 1.6 km, use the underpass to cross the E18 and continue straight ahead. At the roundabout at Bergemoen, go straight ahead following the signs for route 404 Bakken. Ride past Landvik school, turn right at the junction, and then follow route 404 towards Herefoss. From this point onwards, the terrain is slightly hilly. The route will take you past the entrance to Gurebo farm, and through the small village of Skiftenes. This is where the challenging climbs start. You will have lake Holvannet on your right, and then lake Syndle on your left. Halfway up the hill, follow the signs for Birkeland. This section is a dirt road. After 10 km, follow the signs for Risdal. Continue for another 5 km, and you will be back on tarmac. The final 2.5 km leading down towards Reddal are steep. Turn right by Landvik Church, and continue straight ahead until you reach Bergemoen. From here there are several routes leading back to the town centre, and one alternative is to follow the signs for route 420 towards Grimstad.

Comments: Spectacular ride, but some hilly and challenging terrain. Be careful down the hill towards Reddal. Idyllic scenery with numerous picturesque lakes and excellent fishing opportunities along the way.


Don't forget that you can rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Office.

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor


Cycling tour "The Syndle round" 47 km

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