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Cycling tour "The Temse round" 21 km

Start by the tourist office and follow Smith Petersens gate towards Arendal, past Grimstad Church and Grimstad Town Hall. Follow the foot and cycle path straight ahead across Biesletta. Cross the road by the Bieheia turn-off, and follow signs towards Fjære Church. Turn right by Fjære Church, and continue straight ahead on Fjæreveien until you reach the E18 crossing. Just before you reach the bridge crossing over the E18, take the small dirt road you see on your left. You are now on Vestlandske hovedvei – stay on this road for 3 km. When the road forks after 700 m, keep left. After another 70 m, you will reach a “motor vehicles prohibited” sign – keep right. During periods of heavy rain, this road can be very wet and muddy. This stretch between Bringsvær and Bjørnetrø is known as “Mørkevei”. Continue through the farmyard at Bjørnetrø, and you will reach a tarmac road. Turn right. Follow the tarmac road, and when you reach a junction continue straight on towards Lia. After 200 m, turn right and follow the foot and cycle path towards Grimstad. After approx. 1.5 km, you will reach Kleppkjærveien. Follow this dirt road up the hill, and when the road forks, keep right and you will reach the garden centre Skogheim Gartneri – the ideal spot to reward yourself with an ice cream – or a plant. Turn right onto the foot and cycle path, and after a few metres cross the road to follow the signs for Moysand Family Camping. Gentle downhill ride all the way down to the beach at Moysand. At Moysand Family Camping you can enjoy food, swimming, and fun & games throughout the summer season. Treat yourself to a break! From Moysand, follow the main road back. After approx. 1 km you will see a sign with "turvei 40 km/t". Turn left, and continue on this narrow forest lane running alongside the golf course at Hodnebrog. When you reach a tarmac road (Hesnesveien), keep right. Continue on to the junction at Vikkilen, turn left, and follow the signs back to town.

Comments: Due to a challenging stretch from Bringsvær to Bjørnetrø, this trip is best suited for mountain bikes.


Don't forget that you can rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Office.

Last updated: 04/03/2023

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor

Cycling tour "The Temse round" 21 km

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