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Cycling tour "Vestlandske hovedvei" 24 km

Start by the tourist office, and ride southwest along the quay. Continue past Odden Shopping Centre, and follow Bark Silas vei until you reach a roundabout. Continue on route 420. After approx. 500 m turn left, and follow the signs for Groos. After 800 m, the road will cross a small stream. Turn right at this point, and follow the dirt road running alongside the stream. You will ride past a tarn along the way. Follow the stream all the way up to Terje Løvås vei. Cross Terje Løvås vei, and continue past Løvåsvollen farm with its large, yellow barn. Then continue on the foot and cycle path. By Bergemoen, use the crossing to get to the other side of the E18 and then follow signs for Landvik Church. Turn left by Landvik, and follow signs for National Cycle Route no. 1. After some 2 km you will see Vestlandske hovedvei – the old main route to Western Norway. Follow this forest lane. After 1.5 km, you will reach a junction with a tarmac road – turn left. Continue on this road. You will now have the lake on your right hand side. Where the tarmac ends, turn right past the barrier and follow the dirt road. At Tyssekil (after 12 km in total), you will again pick up Vestlandske hovedvei. This is an idyllic spot – ideal for a break. Turn right, and continue along Vestlandske hovedvei. Back at the junction, leave Vestlandske hovedvei and follow the tarmac road to the left. At the next junction, keep right. Follow this road past Landvik Church, towards Roresanden. When you reach the top of the hill, take first right. Follow Gjærbrøndveien and then Vesterled (route 420) back to the tourist office.

Comments: Mainly flat and gentle terrain. However, some sections of Vestlandske hovedvei are hilly with a relatively soft surface. Please show consideration if you meet horses along the route.


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Last updated: 04/03/2023

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor

Cycling tour "Vestlandske hovedvei" 24 km

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