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Cycling tour "Western winds" 65 km

This is one of the five rides described in Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes. From the tourist office, ride past Odden Shopping Centre and continue along route 420 for approx. 1 km. Turn left, and follow the signs for Groos. Continue along Grooseveien until you reach Mollandsveien where you turn left towards Østerhus. At the next roundabout, keep right. As you reach route 420, turn left and follow the cycle path towards Lillesand. When you have crossed over the Reddalskanalen canal, you will be on the main road for 800 m before you again reach a cycle path. This continues past Nørholmen, and then there is another stretch along the main road – for 3 km. As you reach Lindtveit, there is a cycle path to Svennevig. It is recommended that road-racing groups stay on the main road (420). Recreational cyclists and those bringing children along should use cycle paths wherever possible. Route 420 is a very busy road. There is no cycle path between Svennevig and Kaldvell. From Kaldvell, follow the cycle path, and turn right onto Gamleveien just before the turn-off to Flørenes. As you reach the industrial estate, turn left onto Svåbekk. This will lead back to route 420. Cross the road, and follow the cycle path on the left hand side. After 2 km, use the underpass to cross route 420, and continue along the cycle path on the right hand side. This will take you via the roads Bregnesvingen, Skauveien, Borkedalsveien, and Sekkebekksletta. From ASKO, there is a cycle path along route 420. Follow this until you reach the turn-off to Brekkestø, and then turn left. You will reach Brekkestø after 7 km. On your return, a detour to Lillesand via route 402 is recommended. Follow the signs for Sentrum (town centre). Continue straight ahead until you reach Tingsaker, and then turn right towards Flørenes. After 600 m, continue straight ahead. This will take you back to route 420. Turn right towards Grimstad. By Lindtveit, turn right towards Eide and follow Homborsundveien back to route 420. Then follow the same route back.

Comments: A beautiful ride to idyllic Lillesand and spectacular Brekkestø, but long stretches of the route are on the busy main road. Brekkestø was originally a temporary anchorage, also for sailing ships laid up for the winter. On summer there is a little shop which sells Norway’s biggest scoop of ice cream.


Don't forget that you can rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Office.

Last updated: 04/03/2023

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor

Cycling tour "Western winds" 65 km

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