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Dømmesmoen Grimstad

Beautiful park just outside Grimstad town center that also include Raet national park welcome center.

Dømmesmoen enjoys a beautiful setting, just outside Grimstad town centre. People are belived to have settled here shortly after the ice disappeared, and the many burial mounds and other interesting cultural monoments indicate major activity in ancient times. Furthermore, Dømmesmoen features one of the country's largest collections of threes and shrubs, and is also where Ibsen's herb garden is located. In this area we also find Norwegian Museum of Horticulture.

Raet national park welcome center
At the Norwegian Horticultural Museum, we also find Raet national park welcome center, where visitors are welcome to get more informasion on Raet National Park and what one can experience based on the part of the National Park located in the municipality of Grimstad. Beech forest and soil are the theme of the Welcome Center in Grimstad. Much of the city and its surroundings rest on the end moraine from the last Ice Age, Raet, and it is natural to highlight what particular soil and climate have meant for the establishment of warm-loving deciduous trees and the cultivation of vegetables. In addition, it is the focus on sea trout, which is a species that there is a lot of in the near sea areas in the municipality.

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor


Dømmesmoen Grimstad

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