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Experience RAET National Park in Grimstad on bike

Rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Information and explore the national park, starting at Dømmesmoen.

At the welcome center you can read about the national park. Take a brochure with you and continue down the end moraine past Fjære church, Bringsvær, Lia, Birketveit and all the way to Hasseltangen - a recreation area excellent for hiking, fishing and taking in the beautiful view from the many hilltops. Leave the bike and go on a a trip around Ruakerkilen - you will get a taste of the salty water, experience the smooth rocky shore and a unique view of the many islands in the archipelago. The path will also take you through the beech forest - especially beautiful during spring and fall.

Throughout the summer season you can also join a guided boat trip to the islands of Valøyene.

Last updated: 04/03/2023

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor

Experience RAET National Park in Grimstad on bike

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