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The Child Wanderers Path: Birkeland - Landvik

The Child Wanderer Path - a cultural-historical walk through Agder.

The distance of the 7th and last stage is 20 km long. It starts at Valstrand shool and ends at Landvik church outside the town of Grimstad. From here you can walk towards the cotter’s farm Stien. This stretch is about 7 km long. From there the Child Wanderer Path follows the ancient road "Stigsveien" towards Reddal, approximately 5 km in hilly terrain and along a woodland trail with open and beautiful mixed forest.

Shortly after the trail enters Landvik, you will pass Lindvannsstemmen reservoir. Lindvannsstemmen is bricked up to collect water for floating logs in the river below. The eldest Stigsveien likely crossed the river, just below Lindvannsstemmen.

Along the trail, look for the “Varp”. "Varp" means "throw". Such phenomenons are often found along the old routes where there has been an accident, or maybe a murder. By throwing a stone or a stick on the mound one could protect oneself against the evil.

After a gentle descent of approximately 100 m you will arrive at Nærebø in Reddal. Follow the asphalted main road up to the assembly hall in the middle of the village. Turn towards "Reddal Sand" and the main road continues on towards Hestehaven (Seland).

The total length of the main road is approximately 3 km. From Hestehaven follow the old road Reddalsveien over Grøvane until you reach Dolholt. Continue past the Dolholt farms on Dolholtmoen. From here you should follow the old road "Kongeveien" (Kings road) over Havstadmoen, go down Ringskleiva to your destination Landvik church. The distance from Hestehaven to Landvik Church is approximately 3 km.

Taxi Birkeland: +47 46 42 15 64
Taxi Grimstad: +47 7000

In Grimstad you can find several options for accommodationSnefrids Hus is located nearby The Child Wanderers Trail and would be a great place to stay overnight. 

NB! From time to time wood chopping will occur along the trail. During this period the trail might look less attractive. 

Source: Grimstad Turistkontor


The Child Wanderers Path: Birkeland - Landvik

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