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El-bike rental

Enjoy beautiful Setesdal on one of our electric sharing bikes that you can borrow from the ShareBike app.

In several places in Setesdal, you can embark on a journey of discovery on a detour from the main road RV9. In Evje you can e.g. follow the disused railway line to Setesdalsbanen.

Through the valley there are seven stations where you can rent a bike:
1) Mineralparken, Evje and Hornnes
2) Dølen Hotell, Evje and Hornnes
3) TrollAktiv, Evje and Hornnes
4) Revsnes Hotell, Byglandsfjord
5) Bua, Bygland
6) Sølvgarden Hotell, Rysstad
7) Steep Outdoor Life, Valle

If you have not tried an electric bike before, you will love these. A powerful engine and many gears allow you to get everywhere, and without range anxiety.
A luggage carrier allows you to bring a little extra, but remember saddlebags or backpacks since the luggage carrier has nothing to attach your luggage with. The luggage carrier is also a solar panel and provides charging power for the technology on the bike.
.... and remember that you must bring your own helmet. This is not included in the rent.

All the bikes have a local personality and have been named so that you can more easily remember who gave you a great ride.

But then; before you go to a rental station you should download the ShareBike app. 

Source: Visit Kristiansand


El-bike rental

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