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Varnes lighthouse

In rough surroundings, on the cliffs at the extreme north-west of the Lista peninsula, lies Varnes lighthouse. Out here, you will get an impressive view along the coast of Listalandet and into the Fedafjord, with a panoramic view that stretches from Lista lighthouse to the islands of Hidra and Andabeløy in Flekkefjord. This is a great destination with a really exciting history.


Varne's lighthouse was placed approximately 30 meters above sea level over the rough stretch of sea in Listafjorden, it was supposed to make the approach to Flekkefjord safer. It happened in 1836, the same year that the Lista lighthouse was erected, around 8 kilometers further out on the peninsula. The piece of sea here had claimed countless lives, and the two lighthouses were seen as a great improvement in the safety of the many seafarers. There was also a large traffic of small boats sailing or rowing between Lista and the trading town of Flekkefjord, and Varne's lighthouse made it safer to ford the Listafjord.

But on land at Varnes lighthouse, on the steep cliffs, it was not very safe for a lighthouse keeper family with many children - both the staff accommodation and the lighthouse were placed as high and as far out as possible to make it safe for people at sea. Nevertheless, lighthouse keepers lived there until the lighthouse was depopulated and automated in 1950. The houses were moved, and today only the walls of the lighthouse station remain and can tell how much was put in to make the stretch around the Lista peninsula safer, a piece of sea which is described as the country's largest ship cemetery. Today, a lighthouse has been set up to serve where the old lighthouse station stood.

Today, Borghild Rudjord Unneland's installation outside the lighthouse tells how resourceful one had to be on land to be able to save people in distress at sea. The two large shoes stand as a reminder of the brave Ingeborg from Sirdal who was employed as a maid by the lighthouse keeper - she who on 28 October 1852 set out in terrible weather to save the steamship "Neptune" which was in distress at sea. The lighthouse keeper, who was also a pilot, refused to go out, it would be certain death to try to save anyone in that storm! But the strong maid defied him and risked her life to come to their aid. Ingeborg saved the crew and for the rest of her life could be considered what she was, a great sea hero. But it didn't work out that way - Ingeborg lost her job, she had left her job and defied the lighthouse keeper's order, as it was called. She lived the rest of her life in disgrace for defying convention by doing a man's job. At the place where it happened, the shoes stand as a monument to a great act of rescue, the honor that Ingeborg los never received.

Experience Varnes Lighthouse

Varnes lighthouse is today a great hiking destination that can be combined with, for example, the Vondestien or the Vita Velo cycle route from Lista lighthouse - Varnes lighthouse. If you want more information or a guided tour, there are organized walking tours. Nearby, we also recommend that you visit Varnes fort and Nordberg fort.

Source: Visit Kristiansand


Varnes lighthouse

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