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Family hiking tours in Kvinesdal Norway Family hiking tours in Kvinesdal Norway
Family hiking tours in Kvinesdal Norway.
Photo: Peder Austrud @ Visit Sørlandet

Hiking in Kvinesdal

Experience the top five hiking tours in Kvinesdal. From the mountains and fjords, there are tours for both adults and children.
The Kvinesdal region stretches from the sea to the hills offering many good hiking trails. In the south along the seaside, the hiking tours are in hilly terrain from the shore and up to about 300 m above sea level. These trails end with stunning views over the fjords and sea. In the north you will experience mountain scenery on the hiking trails. Here you can find marked trails of varying length and difficulty. In the south of the municipality at a place called Feda, there are 12 different tours plotted on maps where you can go hiking. These maps can be obtained from the Kvinesdal tourist office.

Here are the top 5 hiking trails in Kvinesdal: 


Hiking Knebeknuten Kvinesdal southern Norway

Hiking Knebeknuten

Hiking Knebeknuten

Just outside of the centre of Kvinesdal is Knebeknuten. There is a small dirt road that 4WD vehicles can drive up that will take you near the top. During the summer months normal cars can also get to this location but caution should be maintained at all times - it can be dangerous.

The road stops near a farm house and visitors can walk from there along a little track beside it which leads to the top. It is a steep little walk and when you reach the top the views are simply amazing. The views from here are also higher than that of the local Utsikten hotel.


Sandheia (sandy heath)

Distance: 6-14 km, Time:  1-4 hours

Dyreknuden  (Animal knot) is a 291 metres high point in Sandheia located just west of Sande and southwest of Feda center . Here visitors can go on a round trip starting and stopping in Sande.

This is a steep rock outcrop where there are ropes fastened to the rock to assist getting up and down the steepest areas. At the top, there is a beautiful fjord view over Varnes and Lista.

Skilt på Dyreknuten Kvinesdal southern Norway

Signs at Dyreknuten

Falkefjellstoel Kvinesdal Southern Norway

Cabin at Falkefjellstoel

Falk Fjellstøl (Falkefjell farm)

Distance: 14 km (return trip), Time: About 4 hours

Falk Fjellstøl is located on the hills between Risnes in Kvinesdal Municipality and Sirdal. The farm is owned by the Kvinesdal and Sirdal Municipality who ensure that the farm will be open for visitors who can stay there. The trail is marked with red paint on trees and rocks.

Hiking in Knaben Kvinesdal southern Norway
Hiking in Knaben Kvinesdal southern Norway.
Photo: Solfrid S. Økland

Hiking in Knaben

Hiking in Knaben Kvinesdal southern Norway.
Photo: Solfrid S. Økland

Barnevandrer path Årli - Priest (Children walking trail Årli)

Distance: 13 km (return)Time: About 5 hours

This is the first few kilometers of the childrens walking trail that runs from Kvinesdal. The trail is divided into seven stages totalling about 136km to Landvik in Grimstad. This terrain is quite open and tells a story about a priest, his wife and son that travelled there through a blizzard.

Varden on Hamreheia (366 m )

Distance: 4 km Time:  1.2 hours

On the top of Hamreheia in Varden is a popular hiking destination. In 1990, there was a mailbox installed there so visitors can enter it into the geocache. In recent years there has been about five thousand visitors per year. This trail is marked with red paint and there are parking facilities.

Turer i Rørvikheia (Tours in the meteor heath)

Distance: 2 km (return)Time: 0.5-1 hours

This hiking tour is a round trip with great viewpoints along the way. From 1907 to today, this area was very central to the connection between east and west. Before the road was built between Flekkefjord and Lyngdalselva, people travelled here by boat across the bay to Feda. At the top of the hike is a visit book where visitors can write their names.

You can find more information on hiking tours on God Tur (in Norwegian) or contact the Kvinesdal Tourist Office for more information and maps. 

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