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Uranienborg - the viewing point

Uranienborg is a wonderful and popular viewpoint where you can the whole city and out to the sea, 62 meters over sea level.

Uranienborg, or Torjusheia, the correct mountain name, is a wonderful and popular viewpoint in Mandal center, 62 meters over sea level.

The name Uranienborg was given to the first "kikkerthus" (binoculars house) that was built here in 1862 as a memorial to the russian ship Ingermanland which wrecked at the coast here in 1842. The binoculars onboard Ingermanland is said to have stood there.

During second world war there was three gun emplacements at Uranienborg and the mountain is perforated with tunnels and bunkers.

Beautiful view of the city and the skerries. The "kikkerthus" is quite new, paths are made and new benches have been put up.

Access from Torjusheigata (steps) or from the entrance of the parkinghouse (P-huset) in the walking area. 

Source: Visit Lindesnes


Uranienborg - the viewing point

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