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Ancient Sword Snartemo / Bautaparken

The ancient sword Snartemosverdet is part of the findings from the farm Snartemo in Southern Norway.

The sword was found in autumn 1933 by Richard and Olav Kjellingland when they were about to break in new land. A large stone slab had a cavity underneath which contained a stately tomb from the early 500's with a graced sword that later became known as the Ancient Snartemo sword.

In addition to the sword, a complete weapon set, a silver-mounted glass beaker, bronze kettle and a gold ring, a bowl weight of bronze, three weights of lead, rare patterned fabrics and bear claws were found. The discovery provoked international attention at the time and is referred to as "The loveliest migration time grave find to this day that was dug up on Norwegian soil".

During World War II German occupation forces tried to obtain the sword, which at that time was hidden along with other national treasures in a vault under the ordinary bank vault of the Bank of Fagernes. They showed interest in the sword because they wanted to use the woven swastikas that was found next to the sword as propaganda. Of course the request was denied.

At Bautaparken in Snartemo you'll find a large model of the sword. An exact copy of the original sword is exhibited at Tingvatn Fornminnepark.

Last updated: 08/09/2023

Source: Lister Reiseliv

Ancient Sword Snartemo / Bautaparken

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