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Bøkkerbua at Feda

Situated by the river at Feda. Experience the old tradition of barrel making. Various sized barrels available for sale. Bathing area suitable for children nearby.

Around 1810 the rich herring fishing began in the southwest country. The demand for barrels used for salting and preserving the fish resulted in Feda's inhabitants striking up the production of barrels with gusto. This production lasted until 1960. 12-13 cooperages were in business. Most of the production was exported to other countries amongst others was Iceland. Large quantities of herring were also salted in Feda.

During the summer you can visit the cooperage and learn about the old craftsmanship involved in barrel making, made the traditional way just like a hundred years ago.

Near the Coopers' Shop by the river there is a pretty bathing area.

Last updated: 10/02/2023

Source: Lister Reiseliv

Bøkkerbua at Feda

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