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Farsund Badehus Public bath house

The bathhouse in Farsund dates back all the way to the 1870's.

The bathhouse in Farsund dates back all the way to the 1870's, and in the 19th century Farsund there was hardly anyone who could afford their own bathroom or bathtub. Such a luxury was reserved for the richest.

In order to improve public health, most populated cities built their own public baths. Such public bathing institutions were more unusual in the small towns, and Farsund was no exception. The vast majority had to take care of a stamp at home on the kitchen floor. However, a bath in the sea had all the advice.

The swimming area at Svinehagen, probably built in the 1870s, however, was for the few. For functionaries and businessmen as a summertime, they could provide a refreshing dip during the dinner break. An interest company owned the bathhouse and only invited members could make use of the establishment. In 1890 a new bathhouse was built on Naudodden. It was called Hygea. It was not just pressure from the oponion that led to it. In Svinehagen there were many ships and boats in storage and activity was great. Naturally, the water was not particularly clean and refreshing as desired. Besides, the seafarers and port workers were angry with women who wanted to swim.

During the 2nd world war the bathhouse was completely destroyed, but was rebuilt in 1954.

To get access to the sauna you can purchase a drop in ticket from this website. You can pay with Paypal, Visa and other creditcards. After payment a 4 digit code is available for download, and you can use this code to open the door.

Last updated: 06/15/2023

Source: Lister Reiseliv

Farsund Badehus Public bath house

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