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Gråfjellsveden and Rudjords Borgås Lista

Walk to Borgåsen and Gråfjellsveden, formerly part of an old warning system along the coast

Gråfjellsveden and Borgåsen
Marked trail to Gråfjellsveden and Borgåsen south of Rudjord on Western Lista. Gråfjellsveden is a coastal signal that was part of an old warning system along the coast, where one had signal fires. Borgåsen was once a hill fort during the migration period. Gråfjellsveden and Borgåsen are located near each other, and the trails have the same starting point.

Arrival and Parking
Take the scenic route along Lista's west coast. Western Lista is one of 20 selected valuable cultural landscapes in Norway. From Vanse it is approx. 10 km to drive. Take county road 463 to Ore, follow the first sign for Kvinesdal / Gjervollstad, at the junction for Ore School, drive straight ahead. At the intersection at Nortun drive straight ahead onto the gravel road towards Heskestad. Keep following the road and you will come to Rudjord. Rudjords-vannet is located right along the road and you can park in the east end where the trail begins.

The trail starts at the east end of Rudjordsvannet. Parking for a 3-4 cars. A sign show the different hiking destinations, (Gråfjell is about 1.3 km, and Borgåsen is about 1.7 km)

Follow the trail up the road approx. half a km up to Villumsstemmen (marsh pond). Follow the trail 800m further up to Gråfjellsveden where there is a box and a note book. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Sign post just before the top.

Return back same path approx. 350m to the sign and follow the trail to Borgåasen, approx. 800m. There is a sign just before the top.

Return on the same trail approx. 600m to the sign. At the sign, turn left (north-west), follow the marked trail and coming down by Litlehola (field). Follow the road 350m to the main road, take a right and walk past Rudjordsvanet and you are back where you parked your car.

Length: 4.5 kilometers
Tour type: Hiking
Time: about 2 hours

Source: GoTur.no / Cato Heskestad

Last updated: 04/18/2023

Source: Lister Reiseliv

Gråfjellsveden and Rudjords Borgås Lista

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