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Hike to the summit of Bergehei (Cairn)

Hiking through the river and mountain scenery of one of the finest peaks in the area.

Starting point: From the center of Tonstad head towards Josdal. Park in the parking lot at Josdalstippen, which is after the 'Indre Skjørbutjødn' on the right. Remember it is pay and display so don't forget your change.

Route Description:
Fom the carpark continue to walk across the narrow paved road. After about 10 minutes, the road splits, turn right on to the dirt road in a southerly direction. Follow the gravel road upto the cabin area, after an additional 10 minutes the road will end at a private parking space. Continue along the path upwards following the stream. After approximately 10 minutes of climbing on rocky terrain the terrain changes and alternates from marsh land to heather and then the ground splits so keep to the right. Cross the marsh at the north tip of the Mågevatnet and walk along/parallel with the northernly Mågevatnet which will be on the left handside.

At the end of the northern lake turn east (to your left) and the route between the two lakes. Walk over a bridge, before turning south along the southern Mågevatnet which will now be on your right handside. At the end of the lake another path crosses yours, here, go southeast along the creek down the left side. First on the rocks, then over the marsh. The trail not visible because of the marshlands but after about 7 minutes walk, turn left a short distance, until you see a cabin on your left handside. From here continue south east around a small hill until you come to two farm buildings. From the farms continue in the same direction up a small glen until you come to a swamp and the terrain flattens out.

Turn north (left) along the narrow path travel up Budals rise. You will pass a small tarn on the right handside, and after about 20 minutes walking the path splits, here turn southeast (right) along the edge of the mountain. After about 10 minutes, leave the trail, try and find your own way up the mountain to the summit, which is about 20 minute walk in an easterly direction.

You will walk for some distance on this beautiful pathway before the top, and from here you have 360 degree views of both the northern and southern Sirdal moors, Kvinesdal, as well as Lyngdal (south).

Last updated: 04/03/2023

Source: Lister Reiseliv

Hike to the summit of Bergehei (Cairn)

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