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Sirdal Skisenter

Sirdal Skisenter is the largest ski resort in the south-west and have parts that are adapted for the whole family to enjoy and have fun. There are 8 lifts, 2 children's areas and no less than 21 slopes! You can also find three different restaurants scattered around the ski resort with something for everyone.

In the resort you have endless possibilities. Here you can find the only chairlift in Sirdal, as well as
children’s areas, multiple t-bars, button lifts, and slopes adjusted to every skill level. In Ålsheia we
also have floodlights so that you can ski every evening from Wednesday to Saturday in winter season
(until the middle of March). Over at the Tjørhomfjellet side of the facilities you will find the chairlift.
At the bottom of the chairlift, we also have ski rental and a café that serves freshly brewed coffee
and simple food. There is also located three big parking areas over there. If you take the trip right
over to Hulderheimen you find a perfect family area suitable for both beginners and more advanced
skiers. Moreover, you can find a restaurant and bar with all you could wish for in Hulderheimen. The
perfect spot to take a break after a long day in the slopes. You will also find apartments for rent here
as well as parking.

In Sirdal Skisenter we have three areas for dining. In Ålsheia you are served delicious burgers, in the
chairlift you will find a small kiosk and, while in our restaurant, and bar in Hulderheimen you get
everything from light lunches to hearty dinners. Here is something for everyone!

Ski school
Sirdal ski school is for everyone that wishes to improve their skills on skis and snowboard. We offer
training for adults and kids at our location in Hulderheimen in Tjørhomfjellet. In our ski school, you
and your group get personal and engaging instructors. Our instructors help you build confidence and
skills on alpine skis and snowboard.
Our classes have different levels adjusted to your skill. Why not rent an instructor for your company
or group? This can give an even better experience with us. We can also help you focus your growth
and help you on your technique for a more fun skiing experience.

 Personal trainer
 Alpine ski and snowboard
 Develop skills on ski and snowboard

Ski school needs to be booked online at our webpage in advance.
Ski rental
At Sirdal Skisenter you can rent alpine and snowboard equipment for you and your whole family.
Visit us in our ski rental in Tjørhomfjellet, located next to the chair lift. We fit the equipment quickly,
so you are ready for the slopes as soon as possible. We rent out skis, boots, snowboards, poles and
helmets in all sizes and will help you find equipment that fits you best.
 Perfect if you don’t have skis
 Good equipment to learn with
 Rent for more than one day to reduce the cost
 Short distance from the ski rental to the slopes
 Equipment in all sizes

Ski rental must be booked on our webpage.

Children’s areas
Sirdal Skisenter has 2 children’s slopes with free ski-lifts for the little ones. One of the slopes is in
Huldreheimen which is at the bottom of Tjørhomfjellet right beside the family restaurant.
The other slope is in Ålsheia and there we have a ski band/magic carpet and a ski-carousel. The
slopes have fun and challenging obstacles and items which the kids can practice with.
The rope in Hulderheimen and the magic carpet in Ålsheia can be used free of charge. To use the
other lifts ski passes can be purchased online on our webpage.
From the top of Hulderheimen, you can ski down to the resort’s chairlift; in fact it’s the only chairlift
in Sirdal. It takes you up to 928 metres, where you have the choice between some excellent long
slopes. There are easy, moderate and difficult runs from this top point.
At the chairlift base station, we have a café with seating indoors or outside. This is a great place to
stop for a breather and enjoy some tasty hot food! If you come by car, most of our parking spaces are
here beside the chairlift.

The easiest slope from the chairlift runs via the Koblingsheisen lift, which is a button lift at the back
of Tjørhomfjellet. This lift connects Tjørhomfjellet and Ålsheia, and it is here that you can choose
whether to ski on towards Ålsheia or back to the chairlift. If you ski towards Ålsheia, you will arrive at
Nyestøl, which has two lifts – Dåfjell and Slettekvæv. Nyestøl is one of our best and most sheltered
areas, with wide slopes and exciting terrain.
From the Slettekvæv lift, you can get to Ålsmyra via our shortest lift; Hølen. At the excellent Ålsmyra
area, you will find our other café, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Ålsmyra has been a
favourite rendezvous point for more than 50 years, and we are happy to say that this tradition is set
to continue!
After you have treated yourself to a break in the café, you can carry on to our Dobbelheis lift, which
has its own lovely slopes, and you can enjoy yourself all day here if you want!

Source: Lister Reiseliv


Sirdal Skisenter

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