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Tingvatn fornminnepark Vest-Agder-museet

Visit Tingvatn fornminnepark (Vest-Agder-museet) to learn more about the migration time and vikings in southern Norway.

Tingvatn fornminnepark historical park in Hægebostad is situated at the old viking Thing (assembly) for this area of Southern Norway. Outside you will find remains of the old stone walls and graves from the migration time.

The main building consists of a large display centre, café and museum shop. The type of exhibitions will alternate from season to season and there are also focus on showing old ways of working with different materials used back then. The most popular event is the Viking Thing end of May each year.

At Tingvatn, you can also see a replica of the famous viking sword "Snartemosverdet". This is a spectacular sword from Snartemo which is the most famous find from the rich migration period in Agder. The discovery is famous far beyond Norway's borders and is the most noble expression of the warrior aristocracy.

Tingvatn fornminnepark is part of the Vest-Agder-museet museums.

The museum has free entrance.

Last updated: 08/09/2023

Source: Lister Reiseliv

Tingvatn fornminnepark Vest-Agder-museet

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