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Potholes at Sild

Visit the potholes at Sild, 25 minutes driving southwest of Risør. The potholes here are the largest in Northern Europe and are very popular during the summer to swim in. They are 5 metres wide and six metres deep.

Approximately 10,000 years ago, potholes were formed after the ice age at a place called Sild outside Risør. They are Northern Europe's largest potholes in mountains that are six meters in diameter and 5-6 meters deep. The potholes are adjacent to the coastline and are used as swimming pools during summer.

The location is also great as excursion and tour in the spring and autumn. The trip from Risør by car to the parking lot takes about 25 minutes. There is also a hiking opportunity through hilly terrain out to Sildodden, which is also approximately 25 minutes. It is important to follow the signs and trail markings both in and out of the area. Make sure to bring with you your fishing rod, swimwear and food for a picnic.

OBS: Warm, suitable clothing and also suitable footwear are necessary. Hiking boots are recommended. The hike goes across rough terrain, and you will need ample foot and ankle support. Occasional strong gusts can occur, so please use wind and waterproof outerwear. 

Source: Risør Turistinformasjon


Potholes at Sild

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