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Via ferrata Straumsfjellet Via ferrata Straumsfjellet Via ferrata Straumsfjellet
Via ferrata Straumsfjellet Via ferrata Straumsfjellet
Via ferrata Straumsfjellet.
Photo: Kirsten Leira
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Accessible climbing adventure

“Via ferrata” is Italian for iron road. This is a climbing route where you are secured to the rock by means of a steel cable. There are also iron rungs in the steepest sections, making the ascent safe and relatively simple. During 2016 Valle in Setesdal will be able to offer three different alternatives.
Top of via ferrata Straumsfjellet
Top of the world
Kirsten Leira
Climbing the via ferrata Straumsfjellet
Half way up
Elisabeth Spockeli
Via ferrata Straumsfjellet
Getting started
Johs Bjørkeli/Fædrelandsvennen
Via ferrata Løefjell for children
Also for children
Kirsten Leira

A via ferrata for every taste 

Via Ferrata Straumsfjell, Norway

… and soon the third one will open.

In 2015 the longest via ferrata in Northern Europe opened at Mt. Straumsfjellet south of the village Rysstad. In September 2016 the family route at Mt. Løefjell in Brokke opened, and late October another local via ferrata will be introduced. It has been set up at Mt. Nomelandsfjellet, near central Valle, and will become available for safe climbing with cable and iron rungs. Valle is thereby strengthening its position as one of Norway’s great climbing venues. This area is already well known for its numerous and long climbing routes. Now it will also attract adventure seekers with limited experience from this type of activity.

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