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TripAdvisor rating of 4


«Stomp & Vatn»

Literally translated as «Bread & Water», this restaurant in central Hovden has a wide selection of dishes: lunch, dinner, small dishes and cakes.

The menu at «Stomp & Vatn» is mainly based on local, well-known ingredients.

Our chef, Alexander, has worked at restaurants in Oslo for many years. He takes pride in serving generous portions of home-made food. He applies traditional techniques with a modern touch, using products from the mountains and from the coastline of southern Norway.

«Stomp & Vatn» has the most sunny outdoor area at Hovden; perfect for enjoying your food and beverages.

Every Friday afternoon we offer a “take-away” service, perfect for people heading to Hovden for the weekend. Call us in advance, stop by at our restaurant, pick up the hot meal we have prepared for you and serve it at your cabin.

Last updated: 06/14/2021

Source: Setesdal

«Stomp & Vatn»

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