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Blue bike trip - 8,3 km, Hovden

Elvelangs med sykkel

Blue biketrip
10,3 km

This roundtrip is suitable for all in normal physical condition. It includes som longer hillls than the green roundtrip. Start at Hegni, follow the gravel road to " Hovden Høyfjellshotell". Continue on walkway/road to "Hovden Fjellpark". Turn left on the path just before the hill at "Hovden Fjellpark", to the top of "Djuptjønnvegen". Follow this to the bottom, turn right, then left to the "Langrennsarena". Turn right , an follow the road closest to the lake around "Otrosåsen" until you reach the bridge at "Hovdestøylen". Cross the bridge, and continue to Hegni.

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Last updated: 08/09/2023

Source: Setesdal

Blue bike trip - 8,3 km, Hovden

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