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Evje Og Hornnes

Cycle route in Evje

Cycle route 3 runs from Kristiansand to Haukeligrend. This route mainly follows by-roads and paths. Some stretches, however, follow Highway 9. Parts of the cycle route can easily be enjoyed by "normal" tourists and are suitable for day trips, especially in Evje and Bygland.

In Evje, the route follows large parts of Setesdalsbanen, an old railway line that was wound down in 1962. On the way you pass idyllic natural and cultural areas, various attractions and many nice picnic places. Pay special attention to the historic stone bridge that shows old building techniques from earlier times.

A good starting point might be to start in the center of Evje and then follow the route north or south.
The route is relatively flat, with no particular climb, and as it is generally traffic-safe, it is ideal for families with children as well.

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Source: Setesdal


Cycle route in Evje

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