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Fishing in the river Otra in Setesdal

With a fishing licence from the Otra Fiskelag (the Otra Fishing Authority), you can angle in the Otra river all the way from Kilefjorden in the south to the lake Hartevatn near to Hovden in the north.

The Otra river in Setesdal has a large stock of trout of different qualities and sizes.

In the lake of Byglandsfjord and down to Kilefjorden there is a local, non-migratory salmon called "bleke". This fish rarely weighs more than 250 g, but is an attractive catch. Perch is found south of the Fennefoss waterfall near Evje. There are minnows in the upper part of the river, but please note that the use of minnows as bait is prohibited.

With a fishing license you are permitted to angle with every kind of band tackle, including a drag otter from land or boat. Fishing licence for sale at the tourist information offices, petrol stations, sports shops and places of accommodation.

Source: Setesdal


Fishing in the river Otra in Setesdal

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