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Evje Og Hornnes

Masi / Laugefjell - round trip 4 km

Masi is a viewpoint behind the Dåsnesmoen residential area in Hornnes. The trail follows a path through forest terrain. There are several open spaces with a fantastic view of Hornnes. In some places you get a glimpse to the north, towards central Evje, and to the west there is a view of the valley Dåsvannsdalen.

Recommended footwear: good hiking/training shoes. At the top there is a box with a guest book. There is also a lean-to, where you can enjoy the magnificent view to the south.

Round trip (4,1 km) or return trip (3,2 km).

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Source: Setesdal


Masi / Laugefjell - round trip 4 km

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