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Ose Turistheim

Accommodation and traditional food in Setesdal. Disconnect from the outside world, explore the building with its treasures of cultural history, and find a comfortable place in the living room and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or some other beverages.

As early as 1887, the guesthouse Ose Turistheim was established by the married couple Aslaug og Såvi Ose. However, its present appearance dates back to 1909. Ose Turistheim was run by the Ose family until 1970. The entire building was restored in 1990, with the aim of bringing it back to its original condition. It is currently owned by Bygland municipality.

Ever since 1887, travellers have been able to get a much needed rest at the old coach station. Today, you may explore and enjoy the local food traditions of Setesdal on your way through the valley.

Ose Turistheim also offers accommodation. There are six rooms and a total of 14 beds.

Last updated: 08/09/2023

Source: Setesdal

Ose Turistheim

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