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Lonely Planet:

Norway – Best in Travel 2022

Spectacular nature, fascinating culture, and a world leading focus on sustainable travel.

Norway in the top three

Lonely Planet just rated Norway one of the best countries to travel to in 2022. The ranking is based on a survey of more than 400 respondents, including Lonely Planet staff members, travel writers, bloggers, publishing partners and more, who were asked which places and travel experiences they predict will be buzzing in 2022.

Lonely Planet writes: "Norway is almost unfairly blessed in terms of natural beauty. And it’s also leading the charge on sustainability, green tech, and cultural highlights".

The opening of the brand new MUNCH Museum in October 2021, and the new National Museum in Oslo, opening in June 2022, are some of the exciting news.

Best in Travel 2022 is Lonely Planet’s 17th annual collection of the world’s hottest destinations and must-have travel experiences. This year's edition has placed particular emphasis on the best sustainable travel experiences — ensuring travellers will have a positive impact wherever they choose to go.

Watch HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway's reaction to Norway being named on the Best in Travel 2022 list in the video below.

A strong commitment to sustainability

"We are so proud! Lonely Planet is known as one of the world’s foremost ambassadors for sustainable activities. When they say go to Norway, many travellers from all over the world will be listening carefully," says Bente Bratland Holm, Director of Tourism in Innovation Norway.

A major effort is being made throughout the Norwegian travel industry, which is working hard to achieve a more sustainable future.

"It is thanks to this joint effort that Norway has now received this recognition from Lonely Planet,” says Bratland Holm.

A bold new strategy

In May 2021, the Norwegian travel industry presented a new and ambitious national tourism strategy. One of the main initiatives is the industry’s commitment to a 50 per cent reduction of its climate emissions by 2030 (based on 2019 levels), and a 10 per cent reduction in annual transport emissions.

“Sustainable growth in the tourism industry has to be combined with a lower climate footprint from the industry. The travel industry cannot remain above the fray in the fight against climate change. We must act responsibly and join forces to do our bit to save the very foundation of our industry,” says Bratland Holm.

According to Lonely Planet’s VP of Experience Tom Hall, the release of Lonely Planet’s annual 'hot list' of destinations and travel experiences could not be more timely. “After an enforced hiatus, it’s time to take those long-postponed travel plans off the shelf and make them a reality,” Hall said when the list was announced.

Preserving local communities

A commitment to sustainability, community and diversity were key selection criteria for destinations. Lonely Planet seeks to highlight destinations developing tourism that can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments, and which look after their natural resources.

An increasing number of places in Norway are being certified as Sustainable destination. This does not mean that they are 100 per cent sustainable yet, but it means that they work systematically to reduce the negative impact from tourism on the local community, and increase the benefits, helping to preserve local communities and cultural heritage, while making the destinations an enjoyable place to live and visit.

Better and greener ways to travel are increasingly popping up. Travel by electrical trains, boats, buses and cars through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. Most Norwegian hotels are now environmentally certified. You can also find environmentally friendly activities, like hiking, cycling, skiing and kayaking, to name a few, almost everywhere.

You can also choose to be a better traveller. Every choice you make has an impact.

How can I become a more sustainable traveller?

Stay longer
...less hassle, more time to really experience a place.

Enjoy the region to the fullest
…we guarantee plenty of cool things to do.

Use sustainable transport
…sometimes the transportationisthe experience.

Enjoy local food
…taste the nature, traditions, and love.

Treat the nature, wildlife, and locals gently
…and you will have memories for life.

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