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How did the vikings live?


The burial site at Vang is Norway’s largest burial ground from the Viking Age. There are many secrets and destinies associated with Vang. Who is better suited to convey the Viking story than a Viking who lived in the Viking Age? Join a guided tour with a difference. She can talk to the dead!

Together with our Viking (and guide), “Frøydis den Snakkesalige” (Frøydis the Talkative), you have a cultural experience where humour and personification are used to convey the story and bring life to some of the 900 graves at the burial site.

The history of the burial site at Vang is unknown. However, with its 900 graves, this is Norway’s largest burial ground from the Viking Age. Why have several swords been found here that in terms of both quality and decoration are among the most beautiful and best found in Europe? Why have 900 graves been gathered at one burial ground when it was the normal custom to bury the dead at smaller sites on each farm? Why have burial finds been made here that originate from the Middle East? What made Vang so special?

Thanks to our authentic Viking guide, you will return home from a guided tour of the Vang burial site with a smile on your face and a good insight into the local history and the way of life of the Vikings. After the tour, you can try using a bow and arrow!

During the tour, you will walk along gravel paths in an inviting forest area, so bring suitable outdoor clothing depending on the weather forecast.

Guided tour in English:
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12:30 from from July 9 to August 13

Approx. 90 minutes

Last updated: 05/28/2023

Source: Trøndelag Reiseliv AS

How did the vikings live?

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